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April 14, 2021

Modern Software Delivery Automation With Jenkins

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CloudBees starts with Jenkins, the most trusted automation server, and has added enterprise-grade security, scalability, management, and expert-level support among its wide array of capabilities to the Software Delivery Automation stack.

Watch the webinar and demo to learn:

  • Best practices for your current Jenkins environment and pipelines - with a demo!
  • Sharing methods using Jenkins to improve your talent constraints
  • Software Delivery Automation - what it is and how it can enable you to sustain and scale enterprise software delivery company-wide
  • About Benchmark’s Engineering Effectiveness Application - what do you need to get the most out of your SDLC?

Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo Bielak

CTO, Benchmark Corp
Sunil Mavadia

Sunil Mavadia

Director, Global Enterprise Technical Architecture, CloudBees