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February 9, 2023
Arctiq HQ

Women in Tech Leadership and Networking Event

Arctiq and WIL Empowered organized an evening to bring women in technology together for connection, great conversation, and learning.

We had the privilege to hear from one of Canada's 2020 Olympian athletes, Jenna Caira, co-captain, led Team Canada's Softball team to an Olympic Bronze finish and 10 international medals. She is a performance coach, motivational speaker, as well as being the head of franchise recruitment for Laser Clinic Canada.

Jenna shared with us her story of resilience and determination as she has dedicated her life to excellence and giving back to others.

In addition, Angela Podolsky, a behavioural analyst, joined using a few exercises to demonstrate how our body language might sabotage the intended message.

We had refreshments and plenty of opportunity to grow the attendees' network as we brought individuals from a variety of roles together in one room to learn from each other. Our mission is to encourage great conversations and build a strong support network.

We look forward to connecting and growing our community together at our next event!

Jenna Caira

Jenna Caira

Olympian, Head of Franchise Recruitment (Laser Clinics Canada), Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker
Angela Podolsky

Angela Podolsky

Founder of Kinesics.com, Behavioural Analyst and Non-Verbal Communication Specialist

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