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March 18, 2020
Mohsin Raza

Beyond the stars are even more worlds

My interest in Computer Science started during my school days when we were taught BASIC as the first programming language and I became fond of programming immediately. After completing my secondary school I took a course in Java programming. Over the course of time I was really inspired by the world of object oriented programming and the Java language. My views about computing changed considerably when I first heard about Linux and Open Source Software. So, I started reading magazines and grabbed books about Linux and I was able to independently install Redhat Linux 7.3 on my PC and it was like a huge achievement for me at that time.

Cutting the story short, I completed my undergrad in Computer Science that landed me my first job as a System Engineer, in a DSL Internet Service Provider. It was only the beginning of my journey as I learnt many new languages (PHP, Perl) & worked on different projects. Driven by the urge to explore Cloud Computing I joined a Cisco partner, and worked on the Cisco cloud orchestration solution. I further enhanced my cloud computing experience by working freelance for a US based software house as a Consultant. The thirst to explore made me travel to another country and I ended up in a Telco in Saudi Arabia.

Life was at peace but there was some quench that made me leave my ideal (for some people) 9-5 job to move to Canada to pursue my masters in Computer Networks. In 2019, I completed my masters and now was the time to take on the next challenge of job hunting in Canada. I was very particular about diversifying my past experience of Cloud Computing with further exposure to new technologies like Kubernetes, etc. Lucky enough, I came across an opening at Arctiq over LinkedIn & applied instantly. The first two interview rounds were traditional telephonic conversations, followed by a mini project or as they say a ‘Mission’ that you have to deliver to the team members in person at ‘The Arctiq HQ’. I ended up accepting the Job Offer & in October 2019 I was a part of Arctiq team.

Everyone at Arctiq made me comfortable in adjusting to an entire new concept of ‘Holacracy’ which I haven’t even heard of before. I found the work environment very different as compared to other corporate firms that I have been part of during my past career. I am hoping that my journey here at Arctiq will be a challenging one and would be a great learning experience. As I am also a fan of poetry so I would end this with a couplet of a famous Urdu poet Iqbal.

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں
ابھی عشق کے امتحاں اور بھی ہیں

Beyond the stars are even more world
There are even more tests of passion

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