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March 1, 2023
Pat Misasi

Dynatrace Perform 2023 Recap: What Was Announced?

Last month, ten of us at Arctiq travelled to Las Vegas with many of our clients to attend Perform 2023, Dynatrace’s annual flagship conference that brings together tech leaders, visionaries, and Dynatrace experts with customers, prospects, and partners. We were excited to see what they had in store this year, and they certainly did not disappoint with five major announcements:

1.AppEngine: Unlock Cloud Observability, Security, and Business Insights with Custom Apps

Dynatrace announced AppEngine, a low-code platform technology that allows customers and partners to create custom, intelligent data-driven apps for their IT, development, security, and business teams. The platform can address boundless use cases and unlock insights from the data generated by modern cloud ecosystems. Dynatrace has also unveiled a range of new apps, including Smartscape Health View, Site Reliability Guardian, and Carbon Impact, that demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Dynatrace AppEngine. The platform consolidates observability, security, and business data, simplifies intelligent app creation and integrations, and provides automatic scalability, runtime application security, and full lifecycle support. 

2. AutomationEngine: Drive Intelligent Cloud Automation

Dynatrace unveiled its new platform technology called AutomationEngine. The technology leverages Davis causal AI and offers an intuitive interface and a no-code and low-code toolset to help teams extend answer-driven automation across boundless BizDevSecOps workflows. AutomationEngine enables organizations to operate clouds more efficiently, innovate faster and more securely, and ensure consistently better business results. 

3. The Power of Boundless Observability and Security Analytics

Dynatrace revealed that it is extending its Grail data lakehouse platform beyond logs and business events to deliver new support for metrics, distributed traces and multi-cloud topology and dependencies. The move expands Grail's ability to store, process, and analyze data from modern cloud ecosystems. Dynatrace also unveiled a new user experience for its Software Intelligence Platform, featuring dashboarding capabilities and a visual interface to help drive tighter collaboration between development and business teams.

4. Real-Time Carbon Footprint Monitoring for Hybrid and Multicloud Ecosystems 

Dynatrace announced the launch of the Carbon Impact app, a new tool that delivers real-time insights into the carbon footprint of an organization's Dynatrace-monitored hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem. The app leverages the Dynatrace AppEngine and offers process and app-level details for precise optimization insights. It calculates, tracks and reports the carbon footprint of Dynatrace-monitored hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystems, addressing the challenge of reporting and compliance. The Carbon Impact app has been developed with guidance from the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA) and formulas from Cloud Carbon Footprint.

5. Dynatrace and Snyk Partnership: Unifying Security Insights

Dynatrace has partnered with Snyk (a key Arctiq partner) to enhance software delivery security. The alliance will use Dynatrace's new AppEngine platform to connect Snyk container scans in pre-production with Dynatrace production-runtime insights. This provides security and development teams with AI-powered answers that identify and prioritize vulnerabilities across the software lifecycle. The app will enable proactive risk mitigation to maintain agility, and continuous threat detection and blocking at runtime to enhance the efficiency of security operations.

Dynatrace Perform 2023 was a fantastic event that provided valuable insights into observability and AIOps. As a Premier Dynatrace solution partner in North America, we found it crucial to attend this conference to showcase the value of our partnership with Dynatrace and to equip our team members with knowledge of the latest industry trends and Dynatrace innovations to empower our clients to work more efficiently in dynamic cloud environments.

It was also a pleasure to meet with some of our key partners, including Google Cloud, Red Hat, Snyk, Tricentis and Gigamon, who have built exciting solutions with Dynatrace. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the new products and partnerships unveiled at the event that are poised to help businesses stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

You can still experience every boundary-breaking mainstage session, product announcement, and breakout session from Dynatrace Perform 2023 on-demand here.

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