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Virtual Roundtable: Catalyzing Growth Amid Uncertainty: Insights from Arctiq’s CEO, Kam Sabouri

Last month, the IT Media Group organized a virtual roundtable on the topic of Catalyzing Growth Amid Uncertainty, sponsored by Arctiq and Harness. This exclusive event brought together 14 cross-industry IT executives, including our CEO, Kam Sabouri. The roundtable was hosted to discuss the challenges and strategies that enable cloud-native digital transformation in the context of today's dynamic business landscape, where organizations face the ongoing challenge of navigating economic uncertainty while pursuing growth and transformation.

Kam Sabouri participated in a panel called Enterprise Adoption Strategies. The dialogue revolved around topics such as Enabling end-to-end visibility and Implementing software delivery governance. 

Kam highlighted the following areas during his discussion:

  • Clear Objective Setting: It’s important to clearly define objectives and regulatory requirements upfront in the software delivery governance process.
  • Assessment, Gap Identification, and Governance Framework: Following objectives setting, the Arctiq team assesses the current state, identifies gaps and efficiencies, and creates a robust governance framework that we make sure is adopted by the client’s organization. This framework defines policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities, which is critical for streamlined software delivery.
  • Automation, Policy as Code, and End-to-End Expertise: Automation is a central theme in Arctiq’s strategy. Automated checks and quality gates ensure adherence to the frameworks. Kam recommends implementing automation through policy-as-code in software delivery pipelines. Arctiq's expertise in end-to-end pipeline automation and orchestration is key to this process.
  • Feedback Loops and Continuous Improvement: Kam emphasizes the importance of creating feedback loops, which provide early signalling to stakeholders. This, combined with continuous improvement, ensures that policies and processes evolve to meet changing requirements.
  • KPI Measurement and Audit Preparedness: Regularly measuring and reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for tracking progress. Additionally, capturing assets required for audits during the automated delivery process eases the audit burden.
  • Reducing Human Effort and Shifting Left: If Kam could sum up Arctiq’s strategies to a core message, it would be to automate policy and governance processes to remove individual judgment and human effort from the equation as much as possible, and use technology to filter noise and focus attention. Additionally, shifting left or introducing automation and checks earlier in the development process align with this goal.
  • Provide a safe culture and environment: Kam highlights the importance of cultivating a culture that enables continuous improvement because this is a journey, and you need to constantly improve, assess, redevelop, and accelerate that process

In addition to his insights on enterprise adoption strategies, Kam Sabouri shared the valuable perspective he gained from the roundtable. 

Kam expressed that this event validated the work that Arctiq does as a DevOps consulting company, with a clear focus on addressing the daily challenges faced by many organizations. He emphasized, once again, the importance of comprehensive end-to-end pipeline automation, incorporating observability, CI/CD, security, and policy as code. Kam truly believes that this holistic approach offers a clear path to success. 

Arctiq's expertise, including the provision of blueprints and frameworks, has consistently accelerated the journey to success for our clients, often resulting in significant improvements within just a few months, instead of years. We are here to support your journey towards growth and digital transformation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique needs and opportunities.



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