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Our innovative DevOps/DevSecOps framework enables continuous deployment to production. Your ideas into reality, at flight speed.


With the recent acceleration in Digital Transformation, organizations need greater agility and hybrid cloud solutions to increase the speed of innovation at a predictable cost. Effective DevOps practices that focus on people, process and technology are a key to Cloud adoption and enablement.

Business Outcomes & Services

An innovative approach for digitally transforming to the cloud

An advanced DevOps framework based on industry-leading best practices delivers seamless end-to-end integration over a broad ecosystem of tools with automation and orchestration. The framework breaks different stages of the DevOps pipeline into clearly defined modules, enabling an agile approach to accelerate projects and guarantee business outcomes.



Continuous Verification
Continuous Deployment
Embedded governance
and security fitness
Secure Software Supply Chain
Enhanced Change Management
On-Demand Environments - GitOps
CI/CD Services
Gating & Delta Thresholds
Compliance Services
QA Automation
ITSM Automation
Cloud Migration/Tech Transformation
Documentation & Training
Infrastructure Orchestration

Continuous Verification

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Continuous Deployment

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Embedded governance and security fitness

security sheild with arrows circling it

Secure Software Supply Chain

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Enhanced Change Management

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On-Demand Environments - GitOps

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Accelerate bold innovation
Book your Current Vs Future State Assessment
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Every engagement starts with a DevOps & Cloud (Current Vs Future State) Assessment.

Mapping of current state SDLC workflow in format. Creation of future state SDLC architecture. Creation of an SDLC waste heatmap to highlight quick wins that address largest pains. Evaluation of current cloud maturity, establish future state and cost optimization.

Proprietary Assessment Tools

With our unique IP we accelerate DevOps implementation faster than any organization in the Canadian Market.

Measure need for orchestration in SDLC

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Calculate productivity loss in the dev process.

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Measure security risk vs coverage of your entire IT portfolio

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Example current state

Continuous Integration

A continuous integration flowchart showing an automated pipeline: commit > Git > Build Server > Test Classes > integration Test

Future State Outcome

Sustaining Continuous Improvement - Implicit Approval

A continuous deployment flowchart showing an automated pipeline: commit > Git > Build Server > Test Classes > integration Test > Acceptance Test > Production

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