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April 26, 2022

Coffee, Cookies and Code: Sustainable GitFlow

Not much goes better with an informative technology webinar than a hot cup of your favourite beverage and a tasty treat.  That's right folks, it's time for Coffee, Cookies and Code! This virtual event/webinar featuring:

Sustainable Gitflow with Gitlab and Arctiq

From an engineering POV, the economic and environmental impact of data centres are huge and growing rapidly.  For example, as much as 76% of non-production workload lab environments sit idle, wasting energy and precious resources.

We'll be presenting a game-changing demo session with Arctiq CTO Shlomo Bielak who will walk you through the world's first "Sustainable Gitflow" and "Sustainable GitOps" process for SDLC practices.

This is an absolutely monumental SDLC benefit for the environment and shows:

🌎 How we can help the Earth by reducing power consumption by 2% using our SDLC practices (changing our CICD methods)

🌎 Using infrastructure as code and GitOps to maintain a better planet

We will also be joined by Scott Brightwell (Channel Solution Architect, Gitlab) for a demo, discussion and much more.

Monumental change is afoot, be a part of the change and eliminate cloud waste with Sustainable Gitflow and Sustainable GitOps methods.

Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo Bielak

CTO - Arctiq
Scott Brightwell

Scott Brightwell

Channel Solution Architect - Gitlab

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