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January 20, 2022

Vendor Spotlight with Dynatrace

DevOps observability by Dynatrace

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This installment of the ‘Benchmark Vendor Spotlight Series’ features Dynatrace, our technology partner that is outpacing all others in the observability space. What makes Dynatrace different is their use of advanced AIOps that delivers precise, automated insights and context for your teams so you can proactively deliver better customer experiences and drive better business outcomes

In this 55 min session, we will discuss:

  • DevOps culture and how observability with AIOps both in pre-prod and prod is a game changer.
  • How to automatically resolve real user-impacting issues.
  • Implementing a single source of truth for your Dev, Sec and Ops teams.
  • How to build better quality software faster by bringing automation and intelligence to DevOps pipelines
  • How to easily map dependencies across micro-services and containers in the most complex cloud environments.
Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo Bielak

CTO of Benchmark Corp
Russel Wilkinson

Russel Wilkinson

Partner Engineering Manager, Dynatrace